Our custom jewelry design process begins like most great ideas do - with some good old fashioned brainstorming.

You can bring in your ideas, photos, drawings, website references or you may want to bourse through our many jewelry catalogs. If you have and gold or precious stones you would like to include your new piece, bring that in so we can discuss how to best utilize them to get the most value in your new piece. We'll discuss your needs and wishes to make sure we are moving in the direction that most fits your desires.


We will sketch out or draw your piece according to the design you've specified so you can really start to visualize what your new piece will look like. Depending on the requirements of your piece, or if your imagination just needs a kick start, we can also create a (photo realistic) computer generated rendering that will give you a close-to-real-life 3D example of what your final piece will look like.


Next we create your new piece in wax for final approval. If you want any changes this is where we make them. Some people like to see it at this stage and others just say go ahead and do it! This is where you will really get a feel for what your new piece will look like. This wax prototype is then used to create the mold for casting your new jewelry in the precious metal of your choice.s.


After your piece has been cast in metal, the rough casting is then separated from the sprue base and then goes through multiple finishing and buffing processes. When this is completed your new jewelry moves to the setting area to include any stones or gems that might be involved.

Finally, your piece heads back to buffer for a final polishing to shine like you wouldn't believe.


This is our favorite part! Although we know you will be absolutely thrilled with your new jewelry, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of our work. You must be overjoyed with your new jewelry or we will remake it for you at no charge. We want everyone to be overjoyed with their new jewelry purchase and proud to wear it..